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Phasmophobia Hacks Undetected Free

Phasmophobia Cheat | Free PhasmoMenu Hack v0.1

PhasmoMenu Hack v.01 is a cheat for Phasmophobia, allowing you to unlock more content and have tons of money without any restrictions. Try it now for free!

Phasmophobia Cheat | Free PhasmoMenu Hack v0.1
Phasmophobia Cheat | Free PhasmoMenu Hack v0.1

PhasmoMenu Hack for Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia is an online survival game playable as a team of 4 players to investigate paranormal activities. It is classified as a psychological horror game and probably one of the horror games today, especially if played with VR. Speech recognition is allowed, making the game even more difficult as everything you say will be heard by the game objects.

You and your teammates are the investigators, and with the help of some hunting tools, you are meant to do some investigations in the haunted places to reveal the real identity of the resident ghost. The ghost will try to kill you, and you must do your best to stay alive while collecting evidence and informing your teammates about the ghost's location. As you level up, you unlock new Maps and equipment. Also, you will earn money by completing the missions used for purchasing the equipment needed for investigating.

Helping your team is done through the mic and by the assistance of your truck as it has many monitoring equipment and machines such as CCTV cameras and sensors.

With all that being said, you can imagine how difficult the game is, and that's why a Phasmophobia Cheat is needed. The difficult game doesn't always mean it is fun, so reducing the difficulty by using PhasmoMenu Hack is necessary.

Designed by HacksHub, the PhasmoMenu Hack is a fully functioning cheat that allows you to tweak your gameplay and make it much more enjoyable. You can use it to do so many things, such as teleporting to any place, find the ghost instantly. Even money won't be an issue since PhasmoMenu Hack allows you to spawn any equipment you need with unlimited quantity.

So if you are having a hard time with Phasmophobia and want to make it easier or get to better endgame content, your best choice is to use the PhasmoMenu Hack.

Phasmophobia Cheat - PhasmoMenu Hack v0.1 Features

By downloading and running the PhasmoMenu Hack, you will be overwhelmed with ridiculous functions and options. You can do almost anything, starting from teleporting, going through the walls, spawning items, and knowing the ghost's location.

In general, completing your investigation in Phasmophobia is highly dependent on the efficiency of your investigating tools such as the Light Torch. These tools cost money and are buyable before starting the mission, and if you are short of cash, this will be a huge pain. But if you are using PhasmoMenu Hack, you can quickly spawn these items with the Item Spawner; therefore, the missions will be done faster.

Your sanity will always drop when you stay in dark places for a long time. But thanks to PhasmoMenu Hack, you can use the Sanity feature to edit your sanity and make it permanently high. In Phasmophobia, the possibility of getting killed by the ghost increases as your sanity gets lower. Fulbright is an alternative option to maintain your sanity as it brightens the whole place for you, but your FPS might get reduced in the large maps.

Another thing you can do with the PhasmoMenu Hack is to get the Ghost info with one click through the GhostInfo feature, and it gives you the Ghost Name, Ghost Location, Ghost Type, and the Evidence.

And for mobility, you have two excellent features within the PhasmoMenu Hack. The first one is Teleport, and the other is Noclip. Teleport is for popping up anywhere, and Noclip is to move freely through the walls and any obstacle. In addition to others such as Movement Speed, Infinite Stamina, Max Reach, and more, all of these features are very useful for your gameplay progress.

But what about having more fun? Well, the PhasmoMenu Hack does offer some features to prank your teammates! Within the GUI, you can manipulate the Ouija board and let it do whatever you want and troll your team. From forcing it to say Yes or No to giving false messages, distract your team from the evidence. In essence, the PhasmoMenu Hack gives you the freedom to control the mission and make them play your own game.

To know the rest of the things you can do with the PhasmoMenu Hack, download it to discover them all.

Is PhasmoMenu Hack v.01 Safe to use?

PhasmoMenu Hack can suspend your account in some cases when you don't use it wisely. However, it is secure and has no issues with its functionality. Our advice is not to overuse it.

How to run PhasmoMenu Hack v0.1

After downloading PhasmoMenu Hack from HacksHub, follow the instructions below to run it with no errors.

  1. Extract the archive
  2. Install Cheat Engine
  3. Run the PhasmoMenu Hack, and the game will start.
  4. Have fun!

Ensure to turn off your antivirus not to face any issues while running the PhasmoMenu Hack.

HacksHub won't ask you for any amount of money to download PhasmoMenu Hack for Phasmophobia. Click download, and it is all yours.

Archive Password: 123 Click Here to Download File