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Roblox Hacks Undetected Free

Prison Life V3 Hub Script Hack

Prison Life V3 Hub Script Hack is the key to making you capable of doing impossible things in Prison Life that you could have only dreamed of.

Prison Life V3 Hub Script Hack
Prison Life V3 Hub Script Hack

Prison Life V3 Hub Script Hack

Prison Life is one of the good prison-themed survival games available on Roblox. Like Mad City, you will choose to be either a criminal and do whatever you want or a cop and fight crime. In-game, there are guns, weapons, and even cars used for robbing places or fighting criminals, and many other things you can do.

The game is fun to play for a long time, especially with your friends, so you don’t get bored. However, it can also be very annoying and challenging if you don’t pay money for faster progress to reach the fun part of the game. Thus people created Prison Life Hacks to bypass the tedious tasks, and today we will show you the best one, the Prison Life V3 Hub Script Hack.

Prison Life V3 Hub Script Hack is a cheating script providing you with a mind-numbing amount of features you can utilize to get far better. You will be able to get free weapons, adjust your movement mechanics and break most of the game rules. Even earning money is going to be possible in a short time. So if you are looking for a better experience, download Prison Life V3 Hub Script Hack.

Prison Life V3 Hub script Hack Features

Prison Life V3 Hub Script Hack gives you access to many things you wouldn’t possibly be able to do without it. For example, with a feature like Kill all, you will be able to kill everyone on the server, which is way too overpowered. Your mobility will improve as you can teleport anywhere you want and even increase your speed and jump power. Not only are the mechanics adjustable, even the visuals since you can even change the look of your gun by adjusting its color. To give you a better idea, we will try to demonstrate some of what can be found within the Prison Life V3 Hub Script Hack.

  1. Punch Aura (allows you to punch anyone near you)
  2. Remove Objects (removes objects like walls and doors)
  3. Autofarm (lets you make a lot of money automatically)
  4. Kill All (kills everyone)
  5. Speed Settings (adjust your speed)
  6. Jump Power (adjust your jump)
  7. Drops ESP (wallhack for the weapons on the ground)
  8. Player ESP (wallhack to see all the players)
  9. Gun Colors (change the gun color)
  10. Select Player (choose a Player and kill, spectate, or teleport to)
  11. Arrest All (allows you to arrest everyone even if you are a criminal)
  12. Click Arrest (arrest by just clicking)
  13. Invisible (makes you invisible)
  14. Teleport (will enable you to teleport to anywhere)
  15. Get Keycard
  16. Get every item
  17. Police Items (get police items)
  18. Free Guns (obtain any gun you want for free)
  19. Kill Aura (kill anyone near you)

These excellent features and even more are available in one package; the Prison Life V3 Hub Script Hack.

Undetected Prison Life V3 Hub Script Hack

Our Prison Life V3 Hub Script Hack is currently still undetected, and we don’t expect it to be detected any sooner. On HacksHub, we create our cheating scripts to remain for the longest possible time. However, you should pay attention to the possibility of getting reported. So we highly recommend not using the overpowered features of our Prison Life V3 Hub Script Hack, such as the Kill All or Arrest All, more than once.

Also, keep in mind that the Prison Life V3 Hub Script Hack is not meant to do anything to your machine; it is intended to tweak the game only.

How to run Prison Life V3 Hub Script Hack

After successfully getting the Prison Life V3 Hub Script Hack on your PC, the following necessary procedures to get it running are straightforward. It is like executing any Hack Script for Roblox; however, we will still show you how to do it correctly if it is your first time.

  1. First of all, you need to download a Script Executor.
  2. Run the Script Executor and import our Prison Life V3 Hub Script into it
  3. Run the Game
  4. Switch to the Executor and click Inject
  5. A UI will appear; use it to access the cheating features


  • If the previous steps didn’t get the Prison Life V3 Hub Script Hack to function, send us a report through the comments.
  • If you don’t have a Script Executor, you can find many on HacksHub
  • All of the features are available for free, and we don’t have a paid version of the Script
Archive Password: None Click Here to Download File