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CSGO Hacks Undetected Free

RaweTrip CSGO Software

RaweTrip CSGO Software
RaweTrip CSGO Software

This is RaweTrip CSGO Software free CS:GO Cheat with great looks. An unusual CSGO cheat menu awaits you in this free csgo hack with many features. Are you ready to overthrow your opponents like dominoes? The Russian developer “citizzen” developed this RaweTrip CSGO Software and now you can safely download it from our Cheater.Ninja website for free.

What are RaweTrip CSGO Software Features?

  • Rage (It is an indispensable feature for lovers of a fast and hard game format.)
  • Legit (It’s a feature generally preferred by rookies and used by csgo cheaters who don’t want to risk being banned.)
  • SkinChanger (A great feature that allows you to change the look of your weapons and use them as if you had bought knives that are actually hard to buy.)
  • Visual (There are many additional features in this menu, go to the CS:GO workshop and test it yourself.)
  • Aimbot (It will be enough to use your finger only to shoot, it is valid for people without wrists.)
  • and etc.

    rawetrip cheat menu

How to Use – RaweTrip CSGO Software?

  1. Download rawetrip.rar
  2. Download MadInjector : Click Here
  3. Start CS:GO
  4. Start MadInjector as administrator
  5. Inject rawetrip.dll
  6. Enjoy

Developer Note for RaweTrip CSGO Software :

-Where are the configs stored? – “appdata / roaming / rawetripp /”

-All icons are not shown, what should I do? – It is enough to install the fonts from the archive attached with the dll

-Where can I download the config from? – The archive includes a developer config

-Does otc v3 kill? – Copes without much difficulty

-What bullet does the cheat use to fix the LowDelta? – There are 2 types of resolver – Default, Additional, the second resolver, fixes the loudette from the first bullet. Default – from 2-3

Change log:
  • Fixed nightmode
  • Added new agents
  • Fixed teleport accuracy
  • New keybinds list
  • New penetration crosshair
  • Fixed Legit AA
  • Advanced scope animated
  • Indicators animated
  • Updated watermark
  • Added custom models (in agent changer)
  • Other minor fixes


Archive Password: 123 Click Here to Download File