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*NEW* Kohls Admin House ShortCut V2!

Own servers with this script or crash servers, with the new Auto crash option! This Is An Amazing Script Created By MiaaII#5292 And T3chn0#0253!

*NEW*  Kohls Admin House ShortCut V2!
*NEW* Kohls Admin House ShortCut V2!

ShorttCut v2 is a NEW script for Kohls Admin House. With this scirpt you can do many things like

TakePads, MovePads, MoveBasePlate, MoveRegen, Crash, Lag, Anti Abuse, ServerTakeOver (Make the server safe from other exploiters trying to take your server or crash the server your in) and loads more Anti Commands and much much more. 

The Scirpt also has a list of music and commands you can run from the script to make the game more fun! This is the new best scirpt for Kohls Admin House, i highly recommend it if you are planning to exploit on this game.

Game here: https://www.roblox.com/games/112420803/Kohls-Admin-House-NBC#!/about

ShortCut V2 Here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/M4lw4reT3sts/my-own-scripts-projects/main/Shortcut%20v2