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Garry's Mod Hacks Outdated Free

xPanel Garrysmod Hack – Aimbot , ESP

Free and safe xPanel Garry’s Mod Hack to have more fun with your friends and be better than anybody else regardless of the game type.

xPanel Garrysmod Hack – Aimbot , ESP
xPanel Garrysmod Hack – Aimbot , ESP

xPanel Garry’s Mod Hack

Garry’s Mod is not like any regular game you can find on Steam. It is a game that gathers different kinds of games in one package, pretty much like Roblox. Garry’s Mod is an engine where you can create your own game by using various assets of different games like CSGO. It gives you the freedom to set your own rules and create unique mechanics to make the game have a unique taste. You can also use it to play games with your friends, either created by yourself or by someone else.

Once you install Garry’s Mod on your machine, you will find many servers and games to choose from. Most of these games are for free; however, some of them will require you to buy certain games in the first place. Some assets are not for free; thus, you need to own the original game to load the textures, etc.

Most of the games available on Garry’s Mod servers are FPS or RP, and they are very competitive in a way that makes it impossible to enjoy if you are unskilled. Therefore xPanel Garry’s Mod Hack will most likely be needed to be better than everyone else and start having fun. There are also different game genres, and using the xPanel Garry’s Mod Hack in these games is still valuable and fun. For example, you can troll your friends with the ESP in the Hide and Seek games. So overall, our xPanel Garry’s Mod Hack will make you have more fun while playing Garry’s Mod.

xPanel Garry’s Mod Hack Features

The things you can do with xPanel Garry’s Mod Hack are mind-blowing. You can shoot like a professional sniper with the Aimbot as it eliminates the possibility of missing any bullets. You can have an overpowered vision on everybody on the server to spot the opponents with no effort. On top of that, the xPanel Garry’s Mod Hack can even kill the enemies for you by automatically shooting them whenever you hover the crosshair over them. Using a sniper will be far less complicated with the No Recoil option enabled.

This is not everything, and to have a clearer picture, we have introduced a small collection of the cheats you find once you download and run the xPanel Garry’s Mod Hack.

  1. Aimbot (makes your cursor stick to the hitbox of the opponent)
  2. ESP (vision to objects and players wherever they are)
  3. Silent Aim
  4. Auto Fire
  5. Anti Aim (makes it very hard for the other players to have a precise aim at you or your head)
  6. Noclip (move freely through the walls and any obstacle)
  7. No Recoil (makes your shooting more stable by disabling the recoil)
  8. No Reload
  9. Rapid Fire (increases your weapon damage per second)
  10. TriggerBot (you can adjust it constantly to guarantee a hit to any part of the body)
  11. Kill Spam
  12. Hitbox (increase the hitbox of the target for easier aim)
  13. Smooth Aim
  14. Distance
  15. Radar
  16. Enemy Details (shows the enemy details)
  17. Fake Lag (players see your character lagging)
  18. Field of View

Note that all of these cheating features are for free, and you won’t find any paid feature included in the xPanel Garry’s Mod Hack released by us.

Is xPanel Garry’s Mod Hack Safe to Use?

Primarily, using game hack scripts such as the xPanel Garry’s Mod Hack is always illegal and can lose your account. But this can happen only if you are using a poor hack made by an amateur, which doesn’t apply to our xPanel Garry’s Mod Hack.

The Hacks released on HacksHub have a meager chance of getting detected by any anti-cheat system. So the only opportunity to get in trouble is by being suspicious through overusing the apparent cheating features. In short, be sneaky when you use the xPanel Garry’s Mod Hack.

How to Use the xPanel Garry’s Mod Hack?

The process to get our xPanel Garry’s Mod Hack run on your PC is not complicated and doesn’t take much time to apply. We have also provided the correct way to do that so you can avoid any common mistakes.

  1. Run Garry’s Mod
  2. Download xPanel Garry’s Mod Hack
  3. Extract the files
  4. Run xPanel Injector
  5. move xPanel.dll to the Injector’s directory
  6. Type ‘hl2.exe’ in Injector’s window and press Enter
  7. Type ‘xPanel’ then press Enter
  8. Enjoy the xPanel Garry’s Mod Hack for free!


  • You can use any Injector of your choice
  • Disabling the Antivirus is necessary to prevent the loss of any file
Archive Password: 123 Click Here to Download File